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ACHC AccreditedACHC Accredited

Lincolnshire, IL Office

Meet The Staff

Meet The Staff


Christine Sdrenka -- Director of Operations
Linda Bostedt, RN -- Clinical Manager
Suzy Povrzenic --- Community Care Coordinator
Maria Seres --- Client Services Associate

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Colleen Habing -- Navigator

Lincolnshire Testimonials

An excerpt of a letter from a client -

“This note is to let you know how happy I am to have Tonya as my care giver. She will do anything I need, sometimes without even asking; like heating up my heating pad or putting more ice in my drink. When she goes home at night, all of the dishes are done and put away. She has a great attitude and is always in a good mood. She is always a pleasure to be around. Thank you for sending her to me.” MH

Our True North

    Our company’s True North is “People First Always” and with that comes our purpose - We believe in attending to the essential human needs of seniors through comprehensive health services that use innovative and empathic care, always considering the individual first.


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