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Branford, CT Office

Meet The Staff

Meet The Staff

Angela Loverci -- Staffing Coordinator

Branford Testimonials

Katherine is WONDERFUL! An email from a happy daughter -

9 August 2017 - Dear Sheilah, First off, I’d like to put in writing what I mentioned to you last week regarding Katherine. She is WONDERFUL! As I had mentioned to you initially, my mom is slow to trust and very much dismayed at her physical condition and doesn’t want to accept help. The fact that Katherine has won the kinds of compliments I hear from my mom is a HUGE tribute to Katherine in all respects. She has a “magic touch” and I am most grateful. I know some days my mom will be more or less cooperative, but having someone who she likes around can only make it easier to get her to accept some assistance eventually. Also, Katherine has been leaving me very nice notes about how it has gone each day she has been there, which is incredibly kind and helpful. I hope one day to meet her in person, but until then, please give her a huge thanks on behalf of all our family.

An excerpt of a letter from a daughter praising Health at Home Case Manager and Social Worker -

20 June 2017 - Hello Sheilah! Just a note to share and recognize Lynda B., RN, who has been so incredibly helpful, kind, professional and courteous to my mom, EJ, Pomperaug Woods. I was visiting for the past five weeks and could comfortably return home to Oregon knowing Mom would be cared for and looked after by Lynda (and Anna, too!) Please pass on my appreciation to them both for their caring efforts! As ever, HL

Our True North

    Our company’s True North is “People First Always” and with that comes our purpose - We believe in attending to the essential human needs of seniors through comprehensive health services that use innovative and empathic care, always considering the individual first.


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