Nurse Practitioner Clinics

Nurse Practitioner Clinics

Nurse Practitioners are Registered Nurses (RN) with advanced education and clinical training in their areas of expertise.  Health at Home Nurse Practitioner Clinics are staffed with Family Nurse Practitioners who practice under the rules and regulations of their state and are also nationally certified in their areas of expertise.

Health at Home Nurse Practitioner Clinics are available in select senior living communities.

Nurse Practitioner Clinic Services

Our nurse practitioner will work with you and your doctor as a team to provide healthcare within your select community. We will keep your doctor up to date on your visits and advise him of any changes. Most of the services provided are billed to Medicare Part B or to your supplemental insurance.

Nurse Practitioner Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute health problems like infections or injuries
  • Diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of chronic diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Evaluation and treatment of “not well” complaints
  • Removal of Ear Wax
  • Suture Removal
  • Wound Care

Our True North

    Our company’s True North is “People First Always” and with that comes our purpose - We believe in attending to the essential human needs of seniors through comprehensive health services that use innovative and empathic care, always considering the individual first.


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